MTTB Scam Report – What Is My Top Tier Business About

MTTB scam reportName: My Top Tier Business (MTTB) or My Online Business Education (MOBE)


Price: $49 + 19.95/month + upsells (up to $29,997)

Owner: Matt Lloyd

Overall Rank … 5 out of 100 – NOT Recommended 

What Is My Top Tier Business?

My Top Tier Business (MTTB) is a program developed by an Australian entrepreneur, Matt Lloyd.

You may have come across another program by Matt Lloyd, My Online Business Education (MOBE) formerly known as My Online Business Empire. They all refer to the same company.

In a nutshell, My Online Business Education (MOBE) is the affiliate section of Matt’s company where you can earn 50% to 90% commissions by selling his products. My Top Tier Business (MTTB), on the other hand, is an MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) scheme where you have to get people to join the system to earn income.

There are lots of MTTB scam reports by users. Therefore, I will mainly focus on My Top Tier Business side of Matt’s program in this review.

Pros and Cons


  • Good payouts (You can earn high commissions depending on the tier/level you are)


  • No free trial
  • You have to buy products in order to obtain the right to sell them
  • Products are ridiculously high priced
  • All the additional costs are not explained upfront
  • Little to no focus on building a real business
  • Poor customer support
  • Very hard to get a refund
  • Many MTTB complaints on the web
  • Dull community
  • The focus of the owner is making him more money, not helping members to succeed

What Work Do I Do?

Typical of any MLM (Multi-Level-Program) program, your job at MTTB will be promoting their company to others and recruiting them to join the system. It is NOT about building your own online business out of your interest or passion.

If your goal is to create your online business that generates residual income for years to come, MTTB is not for you. You don’t have to continue on this review. Instead, check out my #1 recommendation which teaches you everything about making income online (you can try it out for free).

Ok, let’s say you don’t mind working for My Top Tier Business. Here’s what you’ll be doing within the company.

Upon signing up, their video training awaits you. Following the 21-steps, you will be paired with a coach for a 30-day session. Your coach is going to communicate with you via phone or Skype and teach you how to get leads (prospects) to the program. He or she also makes a business plan for you based on your situation. Overall, he or she will be your mentor who instructs you to become a successful MTTB marketer.

what is MTTB system

Once you finish the training, you start to send leads to the sales team at My Online Business Education (MOBE).

The MOBE sales team will do the sales to your prospects and close the deal on your behalf. They will promote and sell a variety products (the prices range from $9.95 to a few hundred dollars) and you will receive 50-90% commission.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? It’s $49 to sign up, $19.95 every month, and you will receive all the training as well as guidance from your personal coach. All you have to do is to refer people. The rest will be taken care of by MOBE’s experienced phone team and they do sales for you!

Well unfortunately, when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Let’s take a close look at what My Top Tier Business is all about.

Is MTTB a Scam?

what is MTTB systemThere is no free trial for My Top Tier Business. If you want to test out this program, you need to first become their affiliate member by paying $49 plus $19.95 monthly.

I know the fee is not too expensive, but this didn’t sit well with me.

Think about it, you are going to work for them (promoting the company), right? I know they provide training and you may think you must pay for that. However, MTTB needs their marketers to perform well for the sake of the company’s success, so it is their job to train its members, don’t you think? Many companies out there provide training for its employees and they don’t charge for it. Why do you have to pay MTTB the fee?

They don’t teach you to build your business, they mold you into an MTTB marketer, and you pay them money…?

It didn’t seem right to me but this is not why many people complain about MTTB and call it a scam.

The real reason is this.

I told you that MTTB offers a 21-step video training. As a paid member, you would naturally expect to be able to access the entire training, right? Nope, that’s not the case with this company.

You cannot even complete the training with the $49 entry-level membership. When you hit video #7, your training suddenly gets blocked. You cannot continue on with the training anymore. To proceed, you are required to purchase their “license” rights.

MTTB scam reportIt’s called “MOBE Licence Rights” and do you know how much it is? It has the ridiculous price tag of $1,997!!

Of course, this comes as a huge surprise to members. Who would expect such a thing coming up in the middle of training? MTTB completely hides this part of the deal until you are already in the system. 

At their homepage, the only phrase that hints at this hidden deal is this:

“You’re only allowed to complete a few lessons at a time, and then you have to hop on Skype or the phone to chat with your coach.”

I believe this is the moment your personal coach turns to an aggressive salesperson towards you. I can guarantee that he or she tries to convince you to pay $1,997 and stay with the company. And this is the reason many feel they were deceived and start viewing MTTB as a scam program.

MTTB Complaints

As we already discovered, the initial $49 membership is very deceiving and it doesn’t even allow you to complete the training.

MTTB makes you first buy into the program with an affordable starting cost, and then gradually brainwashes you into the belief that you need to invest more to achieve quicker success. This is a typical scheme by many scam programs online.

If MTTB is confident to rationalize that $1000’s investment is an absolute necessity, why not openly state it from the beginning? I find their way of doing business unethical and dishonest. Apparently, I am not the only one who feels that way as I found quite a few MTTB complaints all over the web.

One victim is this gentleman I came across at “Rip Off Report” forum. (

He is a senior citizen who lives off his SNN and VA disability compensation. His report was published in May 2015. It seems that this man didn’t succeed to get his $1,997 back after all, although he requested a refund. He states “You never can speak with a live body” and concludes that MTTB (or MOBE) is a multi-level ponzi scam.

MTTB scam report

$1,997 License Fee is Not the End

Once you are in, you will realize that the focus of MTTB is not affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means you recommend tangible products or programs that may benefit others. 

That’s not what you do within MTTB. There is no real educational program exists. You join MTTB, sponsor others to join under you, train them to become MTTB marketers, they recruit others into MTTB, train their downlines to recruit others, and it just goes on. 

This is why people suspect that My Top Tier Business actually is a pyramid scheme.

Sure, there are digital products you can promote and sell, but the sum of income from those sales is tiny. The high commissions of $10,000’s that they brag about comes from the MOBE license fee ($1,997) and their “tier” system.

Below are the level of tiers at MTTB. To receive these high commissions, you must be a member of that particular tier. What I mean is, to receive $5,000 commission for your downline purchasing the Platinum membership, you must have already paid $14,997 and be a Platinum member yourself.  

Tier 1: Standard Membership – $49 + $19.95/month
You are an affiliate and can promote MOBE products for a commission (50% + 90%)

Tier 2: Purchase MOBE License Rights (MLR) – $1,997
Now you are allowed to recruit new members and sell them the license rights (MLR) for the commission of $1,000.

Tier 3: Titanium – $8,997 + $199/month
Your commission is $3,000 for every member signed up for Titanium

Tier 4: Platinum – $14,997 + $299/month.
Your commission is $5,000 for every member signed up for Platinum

You will literally have to spend $1000’s if not $10,000’s before seeing thousand dollars commissions flowing into your bank account.

I don’t know about you but I don’t have that kind of money to spend on the side for something I am not sure if I’ll be successful. 

Is MTTB For Me? Can I Make Money?

Whether or not MTTB is for you is a matter of integrity, and you need to come to the conclusion for yourself. But I can tell you right now who MTTB (or MOBE) is NOT for.

MTTB is not for you if you:

  • do not have much experience in online marketing
  • wish to build your own business based on your passion/interest
  • do not have experience/success with MLM’s in the past
  • do not have $1000’s on the side to invest
  • do not wish to sacrifice your ethical values for monetary gain

Matt Lloyd claims MTTB is for anybody who wishes to make big money online. He says his system is so effective that anybody can begin making $1000’s easily. This is not true.

Yet, this claim is the reason many people, particularly newbies are getting sucked into buying MTTB. WHY? Because it taps into their fear.

If you are new to the online marketing world, it is natural to feel scared at first. You don’t know what to do or where to start. All you have is the dream of earning income online. You desire to make money off of the internet so that you can quit the job you hate or stay home to spend more time with your family. But you don’t yet possess the skills nor the knowledge to make it happen.

Then you come across Matt’s fancy claims like “$1,000’s in commissions” or “our sales team does the work for you!” They are sweet to ears. I understand that.

Matt understands it too and that’s exactly how he feeds into you. He emphasizes the glorious outcomes without revealing specific strategies as to how it is possible. This is a typical tactic by many online scams and it exactly indicates what My Top Tier Business is about. 

MTTB scam report

My Top Tier Business is NOT for those beginners with no marketing experience either online or offline. Please think about it for a moment. As we already know, it’s an MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) scheme where you need to generate leads into MTTB (or MOBE) and make them purchase the license rights as well as the higher tier memberships.

Who are you going to recommend those outrageously high-priced products? Your friends? Family members? People at work?

Are you going to send out emails to all the people on your email list about this “great opportunity”?

You may think you only need to refer a few people to break even and make a profit. You may think it wouldn’t be so hard to gain two or three referrals.

No, MLM is not that easy. I can speak from experience because I was once involved in an MLM company and barely managed to sponsor a few people.
Unlike MTTB, the company I joined sells tangible products that benefit people with health issues. It was something that they could hold in their hands and try for themselves. The price was nothing compared to MTTB’s price tags.

MTTB scam report mlmNonetheless, it was so tough to have people join the company. Do you know why? Because people hold a very negative image towards MLM companies.

Due to all the pyramid and ponzi scams that have tricked and messed with people, the MLM system has been labeled with a red flag of “scam.” Your family and friends will try to stay away from MTTB (or from you) once they realize it’s an MLM company. I am no expert on marketing and I assume you may not be as well. 

In that case, looking at those price tags at MTTB, you will be extremely lucky if you could get even ONE person into the program.

I hope you’ve begun realizing that earning high commissions with this company is not as easy as Matt claims.

I Am Good at Sales. Can I Make Money Then?

People who may possibly make good money out of this program are those who are experienced in online marketing. If you already have a huge pool of followers or clients, who completely trust you and listen to your recommendations, then it is possible that you can quickly build downlines (people sign-up under you) and earn commissions from those referrals.

But here another question arises.

Is MTTB something that you would be proud of promoting? Would you feel comfortable referring those people who trust you to this company?

Remember the gentleman who lost his $1,997? He was someone who lives on his SSN. I am personally very curious how Matt Lloyd feels about those people. I wonder if he sleeps ok at night.

Matt says when he first started out in 2008 he knew nothing about online marketing and was working out of his bedroom.

MTTB scam report

Now his company is a multi-million dollar company. I wonder if he lives every single day with true happiness. I wonder if he wakes up every morning with joy when his company is taking hard-earned money from people like the gentleman mentioned above.

Is MTTB a right place for you to earn income? This comes down to the question of integrity.

Bear in mind that those people who you invite to MTTB will go through the exact same things that you go through. Would you feel ok about it? Can you recommend MOBE to anyone with pride and confidence?

You really have to ask yourself this question: “Is making $10,000’s at the expense of other people is what I want to do?”


My Final Opinion of My Top Tier Business

I hope this post helped you understand what is My Top Tier Business about. Apparently, MTTB is not for those who want to build their online businesses based on their passions that bring joy and passive income for years to come.

It is a program for those who are willing to be involved in an MLM scheme and do not mind taking other people’s money for the sake of their own monetary gain.

The entry level membership is affordable ($49), but it doesn’t get you anywhere as it doesn’t even let you complete the training you need to start working as an MTTB affiliate.

You need to upgrade to upper tiers if you wish to receive high commissions.

Once you let yourself sink deeply, you cannot avoid but spend $10,000s with this company. You will be responsible for those who joined under you and start taking them down the same path.

This is far from earning honest money online… I don’t know how you feel about it but to me personally, it’s not worth it whatsoever to sacrifice my conscience or dignity. 

Real legitimate programs focus on helping people, not taking money from them. 

I don’t want to be rich by living off of other’s struggles. There are legit ways to earn income on the internet and I would rather invest my time and efforts to acquire those skills as they will be my lifetime asset. 

Final Grade: F (5%)  … Stay Away 

Have you had an experience with MTTB or MOBE? Share your experience or thoughts on this company below in the comment area.


An honest program does not ask you to pay $1,000’s for the training.

They let you test drive for free.

See for yourself what a legit program looks like.  


20 Comments on "MTTB Scam Report – What Is My Top Tier Business About"

  1. Hi Yuko. How ya doing?

    Great post. Bangin’ job on your review of the MOBE/MTTB program.

    I never liked Matt Lloyd’s program.

    Yes, it looks like the perfect way to make money online…

    Take the training, get people to sign up, make money.

    But the only people who would make good money is the ones who are extreme marketers. Marketers and bloggers who have experience and have their own audience.

    The rest, they’ll basically lose money. Not only on the MTTB investment but the other tools you need to make the online game work. Such as email services, domains and web hosting, web design layouts, etc.

    A better way for beginners to earn online is to sell other people’s products OR sell their own (digital products like eBooks and courses).

    Anyway, I hope your review helps a ton of folks. 🙂


    • Hi Julian,

      I’m doing good, thank you.

      Learning about MTTB/MOBE was quite shocking to me. There are tons of dishonest programs online but the amount of money they charge people was simply outrageous. I totally agree with you. There is no way a beginner starts earning thousands through this program. I was always wondering why so many people are calling this company a scam and now I fully understand. I wish people start seeing what is MTTB about.

      I would also recommend newbies to start with affiliate marketing (selling other’s product). That’s how I started and it gave me priceless skills that I can utilize to be successful as an online entrepreneur. Programs like Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama teach you the basics for free. Why waste $1,000’s on MTTB/MOBE when they don’t teach you real skills, right?

      Thanks Julian for commenting and sharing your thoughts!


  2. Hi there Yuko.
    I am one of the ones who’s tried Matt’s program. After the initial $49 investment, to be told I needed to give them two grand to continue (and also 20 bucks a month in membership fees). I was outraged. You bring up some very good points, one of them being how dishonest you have to be to make money through MOBE. And to have to knowingly promise big things to new people all the while knowing it will cost them so much of their hard earned money – I don’t know how they live with being that way to other people all for the love of money.

    I am fairly new to internet marketing, but I know enough to know there are far too many programs like MOBE out there. They give you little value, you have to depend on their products to make any money (if that is even possible). I agree with your score of an F.

    I think that wealthy affiliates is the way to go for people who are new to building their own online business. They offer actual training on how to make your business work online.
    Best of luck to you.

    • Hi Jeni,

      It really upsets me that Matt messes up with a person like you who is just starting out online. I am sorry you had to go through that… 🙁

      At the same time, we need to think why MTTB/MOBE still exists online after 5 years. There are people who fall for Matt’s unrealistic claims. I feel we really need to get out of the mindset of “get-rich-easy-and-quick.”

      I feel the same about Wealthy Affiliate. The program makes every single minute I invest so worthwhile as I keep acquiring so many skills I need as an online entrepreneur. They sincerely help me to succeed. I hope one day Matt realizes that real success is in helping people, not in deceiving people and get money out of them.


  3. | February 1, 2016 at 3:34 am |

    Hi Yuko,

    Yep, when I first began searching for real online income, I came across MOBE and was duped by their outstanding hype. I lost a ton of money trying to make this thing work, but in the end almost ended up broke. I totally agree with you assessment on this horrible program and how well you articulated the negatives.

    Thanks again for another outstanding review and revealing the scams out there and showing us what really works for an online business opportunity.


    • Oh NO…. I am sorry you had to experience that with MOBE, Pj.

      It is a sad reality that there are more fake programs than real legit programs online. After going through some scammy products, I am aware of that and I have decided not to blindly trust any programs that do not offer a free trial. MTTB or MOBE price tags are simply ridiculous and I am genuinely curious how the owner, Matt Lloyd views his members and how he feels as he lives his everyday. He obviously is accumulating very bad karma you know.

      I would like to scream to all the fellow online marketers to please stay away from this company!! I truly hope my post would save some readers precious time and money from being wasted on MTTB or MOBE.


  4. Hi Yuko,

    MTTB is a new concept to me; at least I’ve never heard of it. I’m a bit familiar with MLM, and every time I hear that acronym, it makes me want to run the other way! I usually don’t hear good stories about it.

    That’s ridiculous paying the company for training so you can work for them and learn their system. A legitimate company (usually) pays for new employee’s training. Thanks for doing a detailed review.

    • Hi Tina,

      You are right about MTTB being ridiculous for not only that they charge for the training but also for the price they charge. If you ever come across this company, yes, please run the other way! Honestly, it is worth neither your time nor money.

      I would rather recommend you to invest time and effort in a legit company that actually helps you build your online business based on an interest/passion. Thus far, my #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate University and #2 is Affilorama. You can join both programs for free to test drive. Good luck to your online endeavor!


  5. Hi, thank you for your review of MOBE, I think you have done a really good job here! This isn’t the first time that I have read about this program and wow, am I glad that I didn’t get involved with this!

    I really don’t know how these people continue to get away with pushing these scams onto people. Its crazy to think that there are people out there that are actively promoting this as a genuine, legitimate way to earn online. The should be ashamed of themselves!

    • Hi Andrew,

      MOBE or MTTB was quite a shocker when I first learned about them. Sadly, they still exist and may continue to exist for a while as long as there are people who keep falling for them. The company is literally teaching its members not to worry what happens to other people as long as you are making money. I simply cannot agree with what they are doing.

      If I had hundreds (or thousands) of dollars to invest in MOBE, I would rather use the money for my own online business. I make money out of what I love, I don’t have to hurt anybody, and in the end that is way better a way of earning passive income on the internet.


  6. Just wonderful post! I personally am very interested in this type of big-earning-in-a-short-time program, but things don’t work out so conveniently, huh?

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      Nope, unfortunately that is now how successful online marketers become successful. They all go through a learning process and hard work. The key to success online is to earn trust from your audience. No way you can earn the trust by joining a program like MTTB. There is a legit way to develop your online business that would last many years to come. I would recommend you to take that path.


  7. This article is so informative on MTTB. I would stay away. If a program is just out to grab your money knowing you will not really be helped, that is shameful.
    Just the fact that they keep the upsells a secret and mislead you is dishonest to say the least.
    I would not recommend this program either.
    Thanks for writing this.

    • Hello Cynthia,

      Yes, stay away from MTTB by all means! The program really does not deserve your energy or hard-earned money. I’m glad that this post prevented you from joining them.

      To survive on this online world we need to watch out for dishonest programs like MTTB that are still scamming people away. If you need to learn how to earn honest money online, try Wealthy Affiliate that allows you to try the program for free. No company should ask for your credit card information without a test drive.


  8. Thank you for providing the necessary information on the pros and cons of studying online. I have been searching for this so long but couldn’t find any but now i got the relevant information and i am appreciated your ideas
    keep it up your good information that you are sharing with us..
    Your regards

    • Hi Jose,

      I’m glad that this post was helpful for you. I simply don’t agree with a program that asks for a big payment upfront from members, especially those who have little or no experience with online marketing. That’s one of the factors that tell you if their focus is to help you or to get money from you. I believe all the programs that teach people how to earn income online should leave them the choice to stay or leave without financial burden. Stay safe!


  9. Your review was quiet bias and not truth. The 21 steps teaches you how to market then you go on to the how to get traffic steps. You don’t have to pay $1000s to finish the 21 steps training. As a marketing consultant in the offline real world MTTB is a good program to learn how to market and it is more complete than a college course you sit in classroom and don’t learn half of the stuff MTTB teaches you. You can use all this marketing education and training to build your business or to become a marketer for MTTB or do both. The stuff that is taught in MTTB is the same marketing vehicles you go out here and pay a marketing firm or consultant such as myself to do for you. You should not tell lies just to get someone to get into your program or into another program you think is great. MTTB is far from a honest program and they are not scamming people. Seems like you got all your friends in Wealthy Affiliate to come on here and bash MTTB so you can get sign ups. If you knew what you were truly doing you would not be taking this route to make money. Hope you learn how to do business like us real marketers and marketing consultants do. On that note I wish you the best of luck.

    • Hello Dawn,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I simply shared my opinion here. I don’t agree with MTTB making it sound like anyone, even newbies can easily start making money online by joining their program and by paying money for their license. I honestly wouldn’t feel safe to recommend this program to my friends who don’t have any experience with online marketing. But if MTTB is such a great program, or has changed to be one since I wrote this review, that’s great. Then I will no longer see complaints like the one above about MTTB on the internet. That’s what I hope for.


  10. I have heard complaints about MTTB many times but still, there are people that recommend it.

    Your review confirmed my suspicions about them.

    It is bad that too many people prefer to take a shot on a program that sounds like a scam than trying a real business opportunity that requires hard work.

    • Hi llias,

      It is amazing that there are still people who recommend MTTB. But ultimately, this type of program attracts a certain type of people; those who want a shortcut to earning money without any hard work. MTTB type of platform does not teach you any skills that is truly going to be our great asset down the road in this early stage of digital era. I used to get upset with these dishonest programs. Now I feel it is also the choice of the participants. 


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