Coffee Shop Millionaire Complaints – Where Is My Product???

Coffee Shop Millionaire ComplaintsThis review will be more of a list of my Coffee Shop Millionaire complaints as I experienced such a hassle just to get to the product. It literally took me 12 hours!

If you are considering trying Coffee Shop Millionaire for yourself, expect a similar experience. In the later part of this review, I will share how I got a refund, but my hope is that this article helps you see what Coffee Shop Millionaire is all about and will prevent you from wasting your precious time and money.

Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire

Website: &

Price: $37 (many upsells)

Owner: Anthony Trister

Overall Rank: 35 out of 100


Product Overview

Anthony TristerCoffee Shop Millionaire (CSM) is an online training program launched by Anthony Trister. He claims he teaches all the techniques for you to make money online in this program.

Why the coffee shop in the name? Well, that’s the image of a successful internet marketer that Anthony showcases, sitting in your favorite coffee shop, working on your laptop and the money will keep flowing in. I prefer to work in my own room, so this pretty image does not have much appeal to me but that’s not the point. The point is whether or not Coffee Shop Millionaire really makes you a millionaire. Let’s take a look at it.

Pros and Cons


  • It provides the basic internet marketing resources for just $37
  • Some of their outsource recommendations are useful


  • Cannot try free
  • Deficiency in the sign-up process (where is my product???)
  • Upsells after upsells thrown at you
  • Information is outdated (last updated in 2012)
  • Poor quality of the video lessons – They don’t guide you through each step of how to start making money online
  • Deficiency in the program – Many videos do not play
  • The website they claim to build for you does not exist
  • Heavy focus on Local Marketing – Not beginner friendly
  • No training by the owner – All the training is done by other coffee shop millionaires
  • No support from the owner
  • No community interaction or support among members
  • Lots of complaints from consumers on the web (and I am about to add another…)


Who is Coffee Shop Millionaire For?

The focus of this program is on local marketing. What is local marketing? It means that you sell local business owners services such as building their website, bring traffic to their website, blogging for them, put online ads for them, or do the social media marketing for them, etc.

What is Local Marketing

In short, if you are totally new to online marketing, Coffee Shop Millionaire is NOT for you. They claim you can start out by outsourcing the services you sell. No, you can’t. How can you outsource if you have no idea what you are doing or how to do those things for yourself? You need some experience doing online marketing before attempting local marketing.

Even if you are an experienced online marketer who is into local marketing, the training this program provides is too vague and does not give you all the pieces to make it work. It will not help you grow your business.

The hardest part of local marketing is selling your service to local businesses. Yes, you have to do sales. It means you have to call, send emails or physical mails to local businesses and obtain a client, first and foremost. If you have no clients, you will make no money. Are you good at sales? Coffee Shop Millionaire does not offer any training on sales.


Does Coffee Shop Millionaire Work?

No, it doesn’t. If you are a newbie, you won’t be successful by jumping into local marketing with no experience with online business. Even if you have some experiences, this program does not educate you to be a successful local marketer as it does not provide step-by-step training.

In a nutshell, Coffee Shop Millionaire won’t make you a millionaire with the basic fee of $37.

If that’s all you need to know, you can stop reading this review here. If you are curious to know what I experienced or what I saw inside the program, read on.


Here is What I Experienced

From the time of signing up to the actual training, Coffee Shop Millionaire surprised me over and over again (in negative ways). From here, it’s going to be a list of my Coffee Shop Millionaire complaints.

Complaint 1: Homepage – All Hype, No Information

Anthony has two homepages; and

Initially, I was not aware of the second homepage. It seems that it is about a newer product that Anthony created, which is called K.I.S.S.

The homepage looks more updated and in style. I will look into this new product perhaps in a separate blog.

So, just like most of you I assume, I initially went to and what I got there was just a lengthy video and nothing else.

Uh oh, a homepage with a video only… a big “scam” warning to me…

Very typical for this type of video, no time span was given so I had to patiently sit through the entire thing without knowing how long it is. Do you know how long the video was? 48 minutes!

I was hoping that it would at least give me some information about the product. Nope, it didn’t. It was all Anthony’s sales pitch, the usual stuff you know. A story of Anthony’s girlfriend who hated her boss and finally got out of the misery of working a 9-5 job, testimonials of successful members or Coffee Shop Millionaire, how they love the freedom as an internet marketer, etc. My husband was in the same room at that time and was giggling as overhearing the video.

Don’t waste your time watching it. It doesn’t tell you anything about the product.

By the way, Anthony kept saying, “hit the button right now before this video finishes for the special offer of $37!”

But long after the video had ended, this popup appeared when I moved the cursor to close the page.

Coffee Shop Millionaire Complaints

So, for your information, I ended up signing up for $27 even one hour after the video ended.

You know I already had a very bad feeling about this product… What Anthony stated was already revealed to be not all truthful. Then, how much can I trust in this product right?

Just to peek the inside of it, however, I decided to give up on my $29.56 (including tax), hoping I would get a refund as they guarantee. (more on this later)


Complaint 2: Upsells – Let Me Just Sign Up Please!

If you are going to signup for this product, expect a sequence of upsell videos BEFORE you complete the signing up process. I’ll list them below so that you can skip them.

“Six Figure Success Club”
The price for this? They had a Suggested Retail Price of $997 scratched out and then said only $297 today.

Click “No Thank you.”

Another video still pushing the same product, “Six Figure Success Club.”
Now $297 is scratched out then it’s $147 for the last chance! (I really hoped this was the last one!)

Coffee Shop Millionaire Complaints

Click “No Thank you.”

Another video for another product. “Direct Email Coaching by Anthony” which is worth $5000 according to him but it says it’s only $197 today.

Click “No Thank you.” (Geez, can you just let me sign up???)

Coffee Shop Millionaire Complaints

Then you finally arrive at the payment page. They ask for your phone number here by the way.

When I completed the purchase, it was 8:33 PM on Tuesday. My product was supposed to be sent to my email address, but I didn’t see it. I kept checking and I still didn’t see it. I checked my spam folder and it wasn’t there either.

Complaint 3: Cannot Login – Where is My Product???

It seems that missing product is what many people have experienced with Coffee Shop Millionaire as I found the below comments on their customer support page. No one has ever responded to these inquiries.

Coffee Shop Millionaire Complaints

After one hour of waiting at 9:30 PM, I decided to email their support team rather than leaving a comment on this support page.

In case you are also experiencing missing product with Coffee Shop Millionaire product, here is the contact info.

It wasn’t until at 8:30 AM next morning that I found a reply from the support team and finally could access to the product.
It had been 12 hours since I signed up. What a hassle.

Complaint 4: Missing Offer

Once you’re inside, here comes another upsell on the welcome page.

Coffee Shop Millionaire Complaints

The offer is a $1995-worth website (according to them) all built for me for free. Well, I already know how to build a website and am fully aware that this is another upsell tactic, but for the purpose of this review, I clicked the “Claim Your FREE bonus!” button.

It took me to another video (about 10 min). At this moment, I started getting really frustrated.

The video was all about how an “information website” works and how much money I can possibly make by utilizing it. It briefly touched base with hosting, domain name, how to choose a good niche, or how site ads make me money, etc. So the video could be a bit educational for a complete beginner.

The point of the video is, although the website is provided for free, I still need to purchase hosting and a domain name from the company called “Purely Hosting.” It seems that the company sells hosting in packages, and the video emphasized that I need to sign up either for a 2-year or 4-year package for a quicker and better results in making money.

Coffee Shop Millionaire Complaints

I got really curious how much they will charge for the packages.

But you know what happened when I clicked the sign-up button? It took me to a “404 NOT Found” page!

Apparently this FREE offer sitting on the welcome page no longer exists. So unprofessional. It gave me the impression that Anthony has in fact abandoned this product and no longer updates it.

Complaint 5: Poor Lessons – Some Videos Do Not Even Play

There are 12 modules of video training and each module contains 1-3 videos. Each module also provides a downloadable “Action Journal” (list of action assignments) but the journals are very brief and do not cover the materials in depth.

The PDF versions of the slides are also available. The dates on these materials indicate most of them were last updated in August 2012.

Apparently, these trainings are at least 3 years old. Moreover, beware that some videos are not even playable. Below I list the title of each module, the length of the video and not playable videos as “N/A.”

Coffee Shop Millionaire ComplaintsModule 1 “Getting Started”
Video … N/A

Module 2 “Your First Campaign”
Video (1) … N/A
Video (2) … 6:32

Module 3 “Finding Clients”
Video … 22:13

Module 4 “Your First Client”
Video (1) … N/A
Video (2) … 2:44
Video (3) … 12:07

Module 5 “Getting Paid”
Video (1) … N/A
Video (2) … 7:22

Module 6 “Local SEO”
Video (1) … N/A
Video (2) … 8:56

Module 7 “Social Media”
Video … N/A

Module 8 “Video Marketing”
Video … N/A

Module 9 “Email Marketing”
Video (1) … N/A
Video (2) … 4:19

Module 10 “Upselling & Referrals”
Video (1) … N/A
Video (2) … 6:15

Module 11 “Follow Up”
Video (1) … N/A
Video (2) … 11:34

Module 12 “Scaling Bigger”
Video (1) … N/A
Video (2) … 5:48


Coffee Shop Millionaire Refund

If you wish to get a refund from Coffee Shop Millionaire, I strongly suggest you to directly contact ClickBank, which I did.

ClickBank is the affiliate network that distributes Coffee Shop Millionaire as an online product. From here, I will walk you through how I got my refund of $29.56.

First, click this link, and it will take you to a page looking like below. Click “Contact Us.”

Coffee Shop Millionaire Refund

It takes you to the list of products you purchased via ClickBank. Unless you have other products through them, you will see only “Coffee Shop Millionaire” listed there.

Click “Get Support.”

Coffee Shop Millionaire Refund

Choose “Refund Request.”

Coffee Shop Millionaire Refund

Under “What problem are you having?” you can simply choose “More options” and it will give you other possible reasons of cancelation. I chose “I was not satisfied with the product/Product did not meet expectations.”

Coffee Shop Millionaire Refund

After that hit “Send” and you will get a ticket confirmation like below. 

Coffee Shop Millionaire Refund


I sent the request for refund on Saturday, Dec 26 at 1:43 PM, and received the refund confirmation on Tuesday, Dec 29 at 11:21 AM. 

So, it took only 3 days for the refund to get to me, which was quite fast. 

Again, if you are aiming at getting a refund from Coffee Shop Millionaire, I suggest you do so directly through ClickBank.  

Coffee Shop Millionaire Refund


Is Coffee Shop Millionaire a Scam?

I cannot call it a total scam as they did have a product. However, I’d very much like to call it very close to a scam due to the poor quality of their content, countless upsells, and so many deficiencies found in the system.


My Final Opinion on Coffee Shop Millionaire

The overall impression I got from this product is that the owner Anthony Trister has abandoned this program 3 years ago. Nonetheless, he still keeps it up there on the web and is getting money from people, which is not right at all. No wonder there are so many Coffee Ship Millionaire complaints on the internet. The owner’s goal clearly is to get as much money as possible from people while giving no support for their success.

Will Anthony make you a millionaire as you sit in a coffee shop and work on your laptop? Not a chance. Put your money back in your wallet.
This product is not worth your hard-earned money.

Overall Grade: F (35%)

If you enjoyed this article, please share so that it would prevent other people from purchasing Coffee Shop Millionaire.


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20 Comments on "Coffee Shop Millionaire Complaints – Where Is My Product???"

  1. Hi Yuko. Thank you for the valuable information on Coffee Shop Millionaire. You made me laugh at myself because when first heard of this so called “opportunity”, I thought they were claiming people were becoming millionaires with actual coffee. So this guy is selling training claiming you can work out of a coffee shop. Oh OK, I get it now.

    With that said, your #1 Recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate University is the best route to go!

    • Hi Nathan,

      Before really learning about this product I had the same misunderstanding as yours. I thought they were in the coffee business! Quite a clever naming idea, don’t you think, although the name is not truthful to the outcome they bring about. I am still trying to get a refund from Coffee Shop Millionaire. I will update the result in this blog when I succeeded (or failed) to get my money back.

      Thanks for dropping by and good luck with your online endeavor. Watch out for Coffee Shop Millionaire! lol

      Yuko 🙂

  2. Much like most “programs” out there that encourage you to get rich, it’s really true that CSM is starting to give a bad reputation to its customers. If only there is a nice way for us to experience at least a one-week trial, then that would be great. Sadly, there is less promise to this product rather than giving us more opportunities in earning money.

    • Hi Julie,

      Yes, Coffee Shop Millionaire was a total disappointment for me. I didn’t expect a superb product for $37 but it wasn’t even worth that price. I mean, half the video didn’t play even within the basic video training. What’s up with that? Do they even have the minimum respect to their paid members???

      A one-week trial for free would be wonderful. Many programs out there should offer something like that if they are truly confident with the program they offer. Thus far, I’ve only encountered one program that does offer a free trial, that is Wealthy Affiliate. Do you know any other programs that let you sign up for free? If you do, please let me know. I would love to look into that program. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Much appreciated. 🙂


  3. Hi Yuko, I enjoyed your review of the Coffee Shop Millionaire, I have only heard of it, never understood what it was all about? It sounds like so many other platforms that are there on the internet only to take people’s money. I think I would have to label it a scam, because it is very unprofessional and not user friendly. Thank you for your awesome and detailed review, it was so very helpful. How long has this program been in business? The handy tip about getting a refund through Clickbank is great and will save many others from the headache!
    With Kind Regards,

    • Hi Linda,

      Thank you for stopping by. It might be fair to label it as a scam since Coffee Shop Millionaire provides very poor quality product for the money they take from people. I read tons of other reviews but the year this program launched was the information I couldn’t find. The oldest review of Coffee Shop Millionaire seems to be in 2011 though.

      I would say to anyone to stay away from Coffee Shop Millionaire. If your friends/readers ever showed an interest in this program, share with them what I experienced and tell them that it’s not worth their money.
      $37 seems not be a lot of money, but I am a strong believer that a program (or its owner) that does not value people’s $37 cannot make you a millionaire. At least not in a legitimate way.

      Thanks for commenting Linda, and I wish you a great success in your online endeavor!

      Yuko 🙂

  4. Hello Yuko, 🙂
    Very professional review of the Coffee Shop Millionaire !
    You gave everything here which is great! you revealed the truth. 🙂
    Thanks for the insights, many folks will stay away from that scam…
    Your friend,

    • Hi Alexey,

      I am glad you found the article helpful. Yes, this program was such a disappointment… I wish many will stay away from Coffee Shop Millionaire after reading my review. I didn’t expect much from it, but I didn’t expect it would be this bad!
      Stay safe Alexey, thanks for commenting 🙂


  5. Thank you for the great and comprehensive review Yuko!

    It seems that in Anthony’s program, the only coffee shop millionaire is Anthony himself! 😉
    Honestly the marketing of the program is quite irritating because it gives so big promises but still the program is not so good. Thank you for going through the details of the program. I’m not going to buy it.


    • Haha, well said Roope!
      Perhaps you are right in that Anthony is the only one who became a millionaire by ripping off those poor people who even didn’t get the product!
      Yes my friend, by all means please stay away from this product. There are legit, way better programs online that you can truly learn from. I did reviews for some of them on this website, but my #1 choice is Wealthy Affiliate University. You can read my review here. The best part is that you can try out for free 🙂

      Thanks Roope for commenting. Good luck with your online endeavor!


  6. Thanks for guiding us about Coffee Shop Millionaire!

    Well,I must admit that the image looks pretty charming. Sitting in a coffee shop and working from the comfort and earning greens while drinking your coffee. It seems like a dream come true.

    I wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t reviewed all the cons of Coffee Shop Millionaire. I think you may have saved many people from a big waste of their time and money, and money isn’t the most valuable against the time.

    • Hi Tyler,

      Oh Yes, please stay away from this product! I’m glad if this article prevented you and other readers from wasting time, money, and effort. Any programs that focus too much on hype before providing any practical strategies are not trustworthy. Coffee Shop Millionaire was a typical example of that.

      True genuine programs will let you try for free. They are confident that you’ll see the value of their product and love it anyway. I have come across a few of such programs. Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate (my #1 choice) are good examples. I recommend that you consider only those products that provide a free trial.

      Thanks for commenting and wish you the great success with your online business!


  7. This sounds horrible. Why would any one want to be involved in this? If you are new then it’s no good and if you are experienced what the hell would you need this programme for.

    To many of these pop up make you a millionaire schemes out there. It’s a real shames as there is genuine legit programmes that can change your life out there.

    Thank you for saving my time and looking into this.


    • Hi Steven,

      The more I am in this online industry, the more I encounter dishonest program like Coffee Shop Millionaire than legit programs. It surely is a sad thing. My mission on this website is to save as many people as possible from wasting their time and hard-earned money for those online scams. I am glad I could prevent you from going through the frustration that I went through with Coffee Shop Millionaire. It really is not worth your time and effort. If you are serious about becoming successful online, check out my #1 recommendation that teaches you all about online business and how to make honest money online. You can try out for free.


  8. These products are absolutely unbelievable! I remember when Coffee Shop Millionaire was released and at the time it was one of Clickbanks biggest sellers. Years down the road and this product still sells really well and clearly makes the creators a lot of money. What I think is really bad is the fact that you have pointed out that half of the training videos within the course simply dont work! Clickbank were apparently trying to clean up their act, I think you have proven that this is not the case. Its this kind of product that gives the industry a bad reputation. I thank you for bringing this to our attention and showing people how to get their money back!

    • Hi Andrew,

      Thank you for commenting. The experience with Coffee Shop Millionaire was nothing but stressful and frustrating.

      I totally agree with you, this kind of product that doesn’t care about its members at all are giving a bad name to the entire online marketing industry. It is sad. It makes me wonder why Coffee Shop Millionaire still sells so well. They don’t even let you test drive the program, let alone not explaining from the beginning what you will be doing with the program, really.

      In the offline world, we as consumers are way more careful. But online, people seem to invest tons of money for products that they are not well informed. The case with MOBE was even worse than Coffee Shop Millionaire. I was stunned at how MOBE sucks thousands of dollars out of its members.

      I guess there are still assumptions among people that this is the only way in the online world and there is no such a product that lets you try out for free? There are not many but I know Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama do that. Legitimate programs are transparent. I think that’s the key element to separate those scams from legit ones.


  9. I can’t believe Coffee shop millionaire is still running, first heard of it a few years back, I think I found it on Clickbank, it did look persuasive but luckily for me, I never enrolled. I have read so many reviews and most are not good, your is probably one of the most devastating. This is why the internet marketing community has such a bad reputation when try and peddle rubbish stuff like this, people will say the internet is full of scammers.
    Thanks for the review

    • Hi Minhaj, 

      You were probably very wise not to enroll in Coffee Shop Millionaire. Yes, there are lots of scams online and we really need to educate ourselves to safely survive in this industry. Thanks for your comment!


  10. Hi Yuko and thanks for the review.

    I have heard many times about Coffe Shop Millionaire but I did know any information about it until today.

    You can see it on forums and on social media really often.

    Until reading this review, I did not realize that is a local marketing method.

    Even if I wanted to try it, I would change my mind when I learned that it is outdated from 2012.

    • Hi llias, 

      It’s been a while since I wrote this review and I am not sure if Coffee Shop Millionaire is still around. If it is, that is outrageous. You never know how many times I had to say, “Seriously? Are you serious?” as I was going through their lessons. lol With the lack of the founder’s devotion for keeping the program helpful and updated, I don’t think the platform is now way outdated without any useful information. Everything moves so quickly in this online industry. It is impossible for a program like Coffee Shop Millionaire to stand the test of time and survive. 


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