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Do SEO Your Website

Beginner’s Guide to SEO – How Do I SEO My Website?

This is our final lesson in this tutorial series and it’s going to be an ultimate beginner’s guide to SEO. First, we are going to install a plugin that will take care of the optimization of the entire website architecturally. Then, I will walk you through how to set up…

add affiliate links to wordpress

Add Affiliate Links to WordPress – Ready For Commission?

The two major ways to make money out of your blog, when you don’t sell your own products, is either through online ads or affiliate programs. This tutorial series, Online Income 101, is all about generating revenue through affiliate marketing and to do this, you need to add affiliate links…

images for a website

Images for a Website – Don’t Just Tell, Show!

Images for a website is vital for your success. Don’t they say a picture is worth a thousand words? People are more and more inclined toward visual content on the internet. By all means, you want to avoid a blog post that is a sea of words. It’s just hard…

what to write for my website

What to Write for My Website? – Tips for Content Writing

We are now entering the phase that supports the core of your business: Content! This is the fun part and at the same time, a bit scary. I can totally understand how you feel as I used to feel lost not knowing what to write for my website. However, we cannot avoid…

how to structure a website layout

How to Structure a Website Layout – Beginner’s Guide

Today’s lesson covers the foundation of your website that many people overlook: the structure. First and foremost, you must have the framework in place for your website. Set your vision early on. No one would start building a house without a blueprint of the layout that is based on architectural…

how to organize a website

How to Organize a Website First Time – Tidy Up!

Now your brand new website should be up and running. Congratulations! Today’s lesson covers how to organize a website for the very first time. We will delete unnecessary content that is there by default, set up the site ready for your own content, and add two essential pages: About Me…

how to make a website step by step

How to Make a Website, Step by Step Guide

We are finally at the stage of launching a website! In this post, I’ll explain how to make a website step-by-step using the example of my brand new site, “Pure Pink Salt.” This is Lesson 4 in the affiliate lesson series I offer. If you didn’t have a chance to…

the best place to buy a domain name

The Best Place to Buy a Domain Name – What You Need for Success

I often get asked by newcomers where the best place to buy a domain name is. There are so many sites that sell domains nowadays. People naturally get confused with too many options, and it’s kind of hard to determine what is a reasonable price for a domain name anyway….

a good name for a website

A Good Name for a Website – How to Choose One

You must have picked a niche for your website by the time you are reading this tutorial. If you haven’t picked one yet, please go through the previous lesson first: What is a Niche? Ok, now is almost the time to launch your very first website. But before attempting to…

What is a Niche? – Set the Direction of Your Business

This is a training series where I will walk you through how you can build a niche website and earn money through affiliate marketing. I will use a real website of mine as an example. Yes, I’ll start a brand new site for the sake of this training series, and you…