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how to build a website free

How to Build a Website for Free

Today I want to share with you how to build a website free, step by step. Before you start the process, please take a moment and think about your theme (niche); what your website is going to be about. The process of making money online is broken down into the following…

what is wordpress website

What is WordPress Website?

You may have heard of the term “WordPress” but what is it exactly? WordPress is a blogging and website content management platform. What I mean by “platform” is that you sit on the platform (you wish to use for your content, and then WordPress will beautifully create the entire page…

ways to avoid scams online

Ways to Avoid Scams Online

  Please imagine for a moment. A lady approaches you at a coffee shop and says, “Hello, I am a professional beautician. My facial skill has helped so many people look younger and prettier. I guarantee that you would look better after my treatment. By the way, you need to pay…