What Is Wealthy Affiliate University? – Is It Another Scam?

Like many of you perhaps, I had had enough broken heart with online programs that didn’t fulfill its promises to the end (to make me a successful online entrepreneur). So when I came across this program, I honestly didn’t much hope to it. “Huh? What is Wealthy Affiliate University? I’ve never heard of the name. Is it another scam?”

I have done quite a few scam reports in the past so my senses were all perked up detect what this program was all about. 

Here is my honest report to tell you what Wealthy Affiliate University entails for you.

What is Wealthy Affiliate University

So, What Is Wealthy Affiliate University All About?

I tell you the conclusion first. To my surprise, Wealthy Affiliate University turned out to be a totally legitimate program. (Yes, such a thing actually existed)

In fact, this could be one program that I would recommend with full confidence to anyone who wishes to learn how to earn income online legitimately and safely (free of scams).

As I said, I have tried other programs in the past. Many were simply get-rich-quick shemes that didn’t teach me anything. 

People are talking about countless scams that are trying to rip you off online every day. They claim that it is almost impossible to find 100% legitimate and genuine online products.

Well, that turned out to be not true as far as I see it, because here is one that brought me an online success. If you have never heard of Wealthy Affiliate University before, please take the next 5 minutes to read my review. I promise you won’t regret it.

Name: Wealthy Affiliate University

Overall Rating: 98/100

Price: $0 … Starter Membership

$47/month … Premium Membership

Ideal for Complete Beginner – Expert

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com


Is Wealthy Affiliate University Truly Legit?

what is wealthy affiliate university

Wealthy Affiliate University was by far the cheapest legit program (free) and taught me all the skills that I needed to develop my online business.

This program will teach you all about online business and how to build it from scratch.

Do you know what it means? You are actually going to build what brings you a residual income. 

I can totally understand that you are skeptical… as I was VERY skeptical too when I first came across this program!

I accidentally found about Wealthy Affiliate University through someone’s blog while searching for some other information online. What is Wealthy Affiliate? Is it another online scam that tries to rip you off? Of course, I was suspicious. But out of curiosity, I joined because it was free and I was seeking a way to earn extra income. Boy, am I glad that I clicked the sign-up button that day!

Wealthy Affiliate University was founded by Kyle and Carson, two young college graduates back in 2005. They have just celebrated the 10th birthday of the program this September. Their mission has not changed from Day 1: helping people.

In his training, Kyle emphasizes this over and over again. “To be successful, you have to help others first. Help others, and the income comes later.” This very spirit supported Wealthy Affiliate University to grow to be the immense community of over 100,000 members. 

Here I attached the screen shot of Wealthy Affiliate website and you can see the photo of Kyle wit his family.

In fact, he is VERY active within the program and you will see him popping up at various places within the program. This is something you will never see in other online programs.   

Wealthy Affiliate University is where I received proper education and support to safely start out as an online entrepreneur. The program taught this friend of mine how to earn $10K/month off of his website (after tons of hard work, of course!).

The information you will acquire from this program is enormous. It explains how online marketing works and what possible approaches you should take. It teaches you how to make HONEST money online.

It makes you feel as if you are taking an online course at one of the best universities in the world, without a set quarter or semester. You are totally free to proceed each lesson at your own pace.

The program comes with a tremendous amount of learning tools as follows:

  • Step-by-step Training
  • Tutorial Training
  • Video Training
  • Live Chat
  • Live Weekly Training (Weekly Webinars)
  • Organized Classrooms (on specific topics)

The training is up to date to reflect changes in the industry, thanks to the devotion and dedication of the owners, Kyle and Carson.


NO, You Don’t Need Any Experience

what is Wealthy Affiliate UniversityYou absolutely need no previous experience to start building an online business at Wealthy Affiliate (aka WA).

I was a complete beginner and built this website step-by-step, by following the lessons offered at WA. Even if you have NO idea as to what topic you should build your business on, do not worry. The training at WA will show you how to come up with your own niche.

If you are entirely new in the online business world, I recommend you to become a Free Starter Member. Then begin the beginners lessons at “Get Started Here” section. Once you signed up for free, you can easily access the “Get Started Here” section by clicking on the green tab at the WA website. I will, of course, be around as well to assist you when you need any help. 

There are 10 lessons offered free at the “Get Started Here” training. By the time you complete all the lessons, you will have:

  • Your topic (niche)
  • Your website
  • The basic knowledge of getting visitors to your website and making money

what is wealthy affiliate university


Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

At the Wealthy Affiliate community, you will find all levels of members from complete beginner to someone who is already running a successful business. Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone who seeks income through an online business.

  • Single parents
  • Stay at home moms/dads
  • Retired people
  • Unemployed people
  • Students
  • Bloggers
  • Business owners who promote their service online
  • People who want to work from home
  • People who want to quit their current job
  • People who want to earn income through what they are passionate about

It does not matter how old you are, what your educational background is, what job experiences you have, or what country you reside. As long as you are willing to invest your time and effort, you are qualified.

Bear in mind. The key to success in the online world is perseverance. It is beyond possible to make a full-time income off a website. Many successful online entrepreneurs are doing it and making more than just “enough money.” But it is also true that not everyone reaches that point. Whey not? Because they give up in the middle.

Wealthy Affiliate University is not a get-rich-quick scam. The owner (Kyle) tells us over and over again through his training.

“Do not rush. Do not overwhelm yourself. Your hard work will pay off, but you have to do the work. Keep working on your website. We are here to help.”  


How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

Starter Membership … $0

Did I mention that I initially joined Wealthy Affiliate for free?

Yes, their Starter Membership is completely free. You don’t need to provide your credit card information or anything. Wealthy Affiliate University stands by their program so much that they want you to experience it for free and get a feel for it.

Starter Membership comes with two free websites with free hosting, which you get to keep even after you left the program.

When you sign up, you get instant access to the training, video tutorials, and lessons I described above, let alone the support from the community as well as the owner Kyle. Support is a MUST for beginners to succeed, and you will be surprised how engaging the community is at Wealthy Affiliate! All experience members are ready to help you out. You never know how many times I received help from them.

Anyway, Starter Membership is a great way to try the program at no risk, and see if you like it or not.

Although you have an option to become a paid member later (Premium Member), there is absolutely no obligation whatsoever to upgrade. You can stay a free member forever, do whatever you like with the two free websites, and still keep interacting with the community at Wealthy Affiliate.

Premium Membership … $47 per month

Premium Membership comes with unlimited websites and even more features. It basically gives you an all-access into the program.

Everything, literally everything you need to succeed in online business is in the package. It is $47 a month, and there are NO extra fees nor upsells. 

My advice is to try the Starter Membership first and see if you enjoy what you see and learn. I want you to feel fully informed and feel right about your decision. If (and ONLY If) you think Wealthy Affiliate is for you, you can upgrade to Premium then.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership

Support at Wealthy Affiliate

Support at Wealthy AffiliateYou may make mistakes along the way. You may feel confused or overwhelmed as you proceed. That is totally natural and that is OK. But who can you ask for help to figure out what went wrong?

That is what you get at Wealthy Affiliate with the live, 24/7 community and support system. There are many types of support offered at Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Live 24/7 Chat
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Live Question & Answer Periods
  • Private one-on-one support with the owners (Kyle & Carson)
  • Private Access to Community Experts

It takes a supportive community to create success online. As you can see in the screenshot, support is what you get at Wealthy Affiliate. Somebody is always available to help you out. You are not going to believe how helpful the community is. At Wealthy Affiliate, you will not have to spend hours and days searching for an answer you need. Simply ask the community when you are unsure of something. No question will go unanswered.


What Do You Have To Do?

This place is all about taking ACTION as you go through each lesson. As I said, this is not a get rich quick scheme. If you want to make money quick, with little or no effort, I am sorry but Wealthy Affiliate is not the place for you. And any place that promises you this is most likely a scam.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you are actually going to be putting what is being taught into action. But do not fear. The lessons are very simple to follow, and you can proceed at your own pace. Just make it habit of investing a certain amount of time on a daily basis. By the time you finish all the training, you will be an advanced Internet marketer.


WA is the place to start



  • Costs $0 to join (No obligation to upgrade)
  • Gives you two free websites
  • Free hosting
  • A built-in Keyword Tool
  • Provides excellent support. Very beginner friendly
  • Provides all kinds & levels of Internet marketing training
  • Gives you access to top-level Internet marketers
  • 24-7 online chats, when you have any questions.
  • One of the few places where you learn to make money legitimately.


  • Possible information overload for newcomers. It could be overwhelming and confusing at times, but it vanishes quickly.


My Final Thoughts and Special Bonus

I hope this post answered the question what is wealthy affiliate university and helped you understand what the program has to offer. 

If you seriously want to earn income online, this is by far the best place that you can get started.

Here is the best advice I can give you. Try the Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate University and go through the training. And if you do not like what you see, you can just leave anytime. And even then, you will get to keep the two websites you built, to do whatever you wish.

If you really like it there and decided to become a Premium member in the first 7 days, I will offer you a special bonus.

Once you join free and create your account profile (like mine here), I will be personally greeting you on your profile and assist you with helpful tips. I will also tell you how you can access your bonus, which will save you 59% for the first month.   

Yuko Profile


Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Price: $0 … Starter Membership. Join free here 

$47/month … Premium Membership

Ideal for: Complete beginner – Expert

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Overall Grade: A+ (98%) … Totally Legit

If you have a personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate, or you have any comment/questions, please feel free to leave them below. I would love to hear your feedback. Thank you!

Yuko 🙂

NOTE: There are affiliate links in this article for which I may receive a small commission. The FTC Regulations require me to inform you of this fact so that you are protected from misleading and false claims. I will always be honest with you, and would like you to know that I will be very appreciative for any commissions I may receive, which funds my business and allows me to write more helpful content for you. Thank you!

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  1. Very nice! I do really want to click in here! you did a very good job! congrats

  2. Great sharing. Your “Help” section is really practical especially on making mistakes and who to point out our mistakes. I believe that is one important point for us to improve. Without that we’ll just be hitting the brick wall and feeling frustrated over and over again.

    • Hi Roger, thank you for stopping by!

      I totally agree with you. What I appreciate the most at Wealthy Affiliate is the support I receive.
      It is so easy and quick to get an answer when I get stuck (and I get stuck quite often lol).
      I know that any beginners can start in building their own business with the help at Wealthy Affiliate. I was so lucky to find them!

  3. Thanks for the nice overview on wealthy affiliate. You are right, you do not need experience but what you do need is your own dedication and determination to keep at it and whatever your dreams and long term goals can be achieved. You just have to follow the course and you always have the advantage of asking for help and reviewing classes and information

    • Hi Angela,

      I once attempted at starting business online without any guidance. Although I was determined to keep at it, the journey was rough as I had to figure out everything on my own. Now with Wealthy Affiliate all the answers are on my finger tip and I realized how important it is to have a mentor.

  4. Thank you for sharing this great online business opportunity. I am very interested in what you said about not having to have any experience. Are you sure that anyone can do this? With the Starter membership is it possible to build up an online business and is this membership free forever or will I need to upgrade at some stage to the Premium membership?

    • Hi Lynne,

      Yes, anyone can start building up an online business with determination and proper guidance. All the successful online entrepreneurs out there today were beginners at first, and many struggled through on their own to their success. With Wealthy Affiliate you won’t have to take the harder path as it guides you through every step on your online journey.

      Upgrading to Premium is NOT mandatory at Wealthy Affiliate. You can stay as a free member forever if you wish. I will be honest with you though, that the benefits of the Premium membership cannot compare the free membership. It saves you from tons of stress as you proceed and speeds up the process of building your business. I recommend you to start out with the free membership, cover the basics with the starter course, and decide if you eventually want to upgrade. Thank you for visiting Lynne, and I wish you a great success with your online business!


  5. firstly I would like to say what a pleasure it is to read articles on your site..it’s so clean and fresh here. But of more importance is your article about wealthy affiliate. I have recently joined them as well and I think your rating of 98% should be 100% LOL…I really love being on the Wealthy Affiliate site, it’s amazing how much awesome stuff that I have learned. Thanks for sharing your perspective on it, it has only served to make me more sure that I made the right choice.

    • Hi Steviedean,

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I know what you mean! I very much liked to rate Wealthy Affiliate 100% as well. Then I thought nothing is perfect, so began searching something negative and I must tell you, it was not easy… lol I have experienced other online platforms and would say with confident that the support at Wealthy Affiliate has been way above other programs. Glad you found Wealthy Affiliate too! Good luck with your online endeavour Stevie.


  6. Hi Yuko,

    You have posted a very article here – a very good depth and feel. Right away I wanted to read more and stay longer to discover what else I can learn from your site.

    I have read a few Wealthy Affiliate reviews before this and there are incomplete information and some are confusing. I was brought to this page from your other page on “Does Making Money Online Really Work? – A True Story”.

    Very inspiring and this is a very thorough review on Wealthy Affiliate! This is by the clearest review! You are doing a good job here!

    I am going to give it a try! Can I drop you a message whenever I am stuck during the training at Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Hi Alex,

      I am glad you enjoyed this review 🙂 Of course, feel free to contact me anytime and leave a message at Wealthy Affiliate when you feel stuck. I will be happy to help you out.

      I have received so much support from the community at Wealthy Affiliate on my online endeavor and I am more than happy to do the same for fellow online marketers who need extra help.

      I am also very happy to know that you had a chance to read Dom’s success story “Does Making Money Online Really Work – A True Story.” It is so inspiring, isn’t it?

      I am so grateful that Dom shared his personal success story with the rest of the world to show what you can expect when you actually stick with developing your online business. The possibility is unlimited. I wish as many people as possible realize the potential of online marketing holds for their future.


  7. Wow, this looks like an honest review for Wealthy Affiliate. I try to find some information about WA but so far there is a lot of positive reviews about WA.

    I might try to see. Is there any kind of upsells at Wealthy Affiliate? I hope I can achieve online success with Wealthy Affiliate.

    Hearing from you that the community is alive there is a big advantage from me. I am a newbie in online marketing, so support from other members should be a plus point for me.

    • Hi Alblue,

      Thanks for commenting. I am being totally honest in this review as I always am. You can trust me, Wealthy Affiliate it the most legitimate online platform you can learn from about online marketing.

      There is no upsells at Wealthy Affiliate, as there are only two levels of membership: Free or Paid.

      If you wish to stay as a free member, you may do so for the rest of your life. Paid membership requires you to pay $47/month and the information you receive is way more worth than $47, I personally feel. There are other programs that would require you to pay $70, $90. or $150 a month for the same amount of information that Wealthy Affiliate provides.

      If you are a newbie, I highly recommend giving Wealthy Affiliate a try. This is a very place I started out and built this website from scratch. Before finding Wealthy Affiliate, I knew nothing about online business. You will be amazed at the step-by-step training they offer and the quality of support they provide. When you need an extra help, please reach out for me at Wealthy Affiliate. I will be more than happy to help 🙂


  8. Nice article! Good overview of Wealthy Affiliate. Being a member myself, I have to say that it’s the best program I’ve found and I have tried many. The support you get from the community is like none to other. Ask a question and watch the answers start rolling in. The step by step training is also a plus.

    • Hi Andre,
      The support from the community at Wealthy Affiliate is amazing, isn’t it? I have never been a part of such an engaging and supportive learning community. It did play a big part of my online success. Now it is my turn to offer support with the knowledge and experience I have in this field to anyone who wish to start out. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with!


  9. I was a newbie before…. 🙂

    I myself am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I can say that a newbie just easily go through several steps without even asking any questions because it’s clear at every steps. However, with the community, regardless of your questions, the answers come really fast. The system in place is A1 !!!

    Thank you for your nice explanation on your page.

    I can feel the sincerity through the energy of your words.

    have a great day

    • Hello dragon101999,

      I was once a newbie too 🙂 and cannot describe with words how appreciative I was for all the supports I received from the community me at Wealthy Affiliate. It makes the world of difference when you know nothing in the new profession and feel lost, doesn’t it?

      I have tried a few other programs online but never come across as well organized and supporting program as Wealthy Affiliate. It has literally built me to the website owner that I am now 🙂 Thank you for the positive feedback. I am glad you enjoyed the post. Good luck to your online endeavor!


  10. Yuko, I stopped back by to take another look at your #1 pick Wealthy Affiliate for learning how to make money online.

    I am retired and on a fixed income, and have absolute no experience in making money online.

    As I understand it, Wealthy Affiliate offers 7-day trial membership, where I get 10 video training courses on all aspect of internet marketing and in setting up my own business, 2 free websites, and 24-7 Live Chat forum that allows me to ask questions if I get stuck.

    I have a question before I sign up. Will I have access to you for personal mentoring if I need a coach?


    • Hi Robert,

      Yes, you got everything correct about Wealthy Affiliate free trial membership, except for that you actually receive 20 video training lessons. The 10 lessons I introduced here cover everything you need to know in setting up the foundation of your online business. There are another 10 lessons available for you as a free member called “Affiliate Bootcamp” which focuses on affiliate marketing. This course will be very useful if you wish to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing and especially if you wish to become an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate.

      Of course, you will have access to me anytime within Wealthy Affiliate! I will always be there to help you and support you. Once you join, I will make sure to add you to my network so that I can help you through the process.

      Looking forward to working with you Robert! 🙂


  11. Yuko, thank you for responding. I’ve been thinking it over for the day and have decided to sign up for the free membership and see where it takes me.

    I am excited that I will have access to you and the other members to help me with any questions. I am sure having no experience, I will have plenty.

    I will be stopping back by in a week to give your viewers a progress update.

    Thank you so much for providing this amazing business opportunity.

    • Hello again Bob,

      Congratulations on your decision and you will absolutely love it there! You will also be surprised how much you can learn as short as a week. The quality of the training at WA is amazing.
      Just try not to overwhelm yourself. What I really like about WA is that you can learn things at your own pace. Take a step at a time and enjoy every step of it 🙂 I look forward to hearing from your experience at Wealthy Affiliate. Don’t forget to get in touch when you need help!


  12. Yuko san,

    You have written a very comprehensive article about Wealthy Affiliate. I agree with you that WA is a community that helps and provides support especially from the founders like Kyle and Carson. Your post page looks very professional with many avenues to help the readers to understand Wealthy Affiliate. Great job for writing this review.

    • Hi Stanley,

      Thank you for the compliment 🙂 I am glad you liked the article. I can add more positive aspects of Wealthy Affiliate to this post and perhaps I should do that soon. The longer I stay in this program, the more I realize that this is truly the best place to get educated as an online entrepreneur. I wonder how come there aren’t more legit places like Wealthy Affiliate on the internet that actually help people. Other programs I have come across in the past were mostly scams, let alone not helping me to understand how online business works.

      You are in the best hand being with Wealthy Affiliate. I wish you the great success with your online business!



  13. Hi Yuko

    You have really summed Wealthy Affiliate up here. It is a great product and the premium membership is not that expensive.

    I am also a member and it is because of them that I am making money on a constant basis now. I would really recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone that wishes to start their own online business.

    • Hi Vilgoen,

      Thanks for stopping by and congratulations on your online success! It does make us feel secure to have a constant flow of income on the side, doesn’t it? I wish more people consider this path as a possible financial option for them. Wealthy Affiliate really is a one-of-a-kind program, and it is nice to have a real testimonial from a real member 🙂 Thank you for commenting. Wish you for the continuous success of your business!


  14. Hi Yuko,

    How long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate? Are you making money so far? Would you care to share what to expect if someone is a newbie? How long does it usually take to feel confident quitting a full-time day job? Sorry asking for asking a lot of questions, I am very curious. Thanks!

    • Hi Pitin,

      I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate 7 months and Yes, I am making money. It is not much yet but is slowly growing. How long does it take to start making money? It really depends on your niche and how much work you can put in. Making money niche is usually more competitive and takes longer to start generating income. I would say you want to stick to it and keep working 3-6 months until you see income start coming in.

      Other niche sites may be quicker to generate income. I know one member at Wealthy Affiliate has earned $10K first time in this January, after being with Wealthy Affiliate only for one year. His website was not on making money niche but something else that he is very passionate about and knowledgeable (gaming/computer tech stuff, I think).

      If you are going to join Wealthy Affiliate as a beginner, my advice would be not to get overwhelmed. I was a total beginner when I first started out and did get information overload. You have to be patient with yourself. Things will start making sense gradually so you simply have to stick with the training and learn at your own pace. DO NOT COMPARE your progress with others and feel bad. Everyone has a different learning curve. And DO ASK QUESTIONS to the community when you need a help. The community at Wealthy Affiliate is awesome, always someone is there willing to help you out!

      Hope this helps Pitin. Thanks for commenting and wish you a great success with your website!


  15. Hi Yuko, really enjoyed your review & especially that you shared Dom’s story. I love reading blogger income reports. Super inspiring! I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Have been with WA for about 20 months. I remember that feeling of overwhem well. There is so much information and training on WA, I can’t imagine that anyone has completed all of it. In fact, its impossible, because new training is being uploaded all the time. One of the perks of joining as a Premium Member is we can also be paid for training we upload. The more popular the training, the more money you make.

    • Hi Lauren,

      I think I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate a little longer than you are. Reading your comment and looking back, I realized how far I have come. Wealthy Affiliate truly did helped me build my foundation in the online world. Just like you, I learned so much from the platform and I still go for answers/advice every time I feel unsure. It is nice to have a place where the support team and community are so quick to respond to any questions you have! 

      Best of luck to your online journey!


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