Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review – Best Keyword Tool for SEO

You cannot run a successful online business without understanding the power of keywords. I introduce you Jaaxy, the most effective and beginner-friendly keyword tool I have found thus far. I’ll walk you through how it helps you find strong keywords for your content in this Jaaxy keyword tool review. 

Jaaxy keyword tool review

What are Keywords Anyway?

People find your website through keywords.

They are the words/phrases they type in the search bar. By placing those phrases in your content, you have more chances to be discovered by online searchers.

No visitors to your website, no income. Hence, including “right” keywords is vital for your online success.

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There are dozens of keyword tools out there that claim to find you good keywords. Some are expensive, some are free. Some are thorough with data, some are too simple. 

In fact, if a keyword tool overloads you with too much data, it often confuses you rather than helps you. There are very few tools that are truly beginner-friendly and still gets the job done wonderfully.

Three Elements You Need to Look At

When it comes to a keyword search, there are only three aspects that you need to pay attention to.

  • How much traffic does the keyword get?
  • How much competition does the keyword have?
  • Does the keyword grammatically make sense?

Let’s Begin: Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

what is jaaxy keyword toolMy mission on this website is to help beginners with their online income journey, so I need a tool that is powerful enough yet easy to use for newbies.

So here comes Jaaxy.

First and foremost, Jaaxy is an online tool meaning you can perform keyword research on any devices as long as you are connected to the Internet. (I don’t recommend tools that require download)

You can even play with it on your iPhone while waiting for your coffee at Starbucks. You never know when a cool idea for the next blog may hit you. Do some keyword check for the blog title before it slips away from the head!

Jaaxy provides the data for any keywords from all the three major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

Not only that, it displays the results in a very concise manner that you can glance it all at once. It really helps you find “money making” keywords.

These are the features I especially love about Jaaxy:

  1. Provides keyword traffic and competition (color-coded)
  2. Store your own lists of keywords
  3. Suggests other related phrases
  4. Tell the current ranking of my content
  5. Affiliate Program


How Big Is the Traffic? How About Competition?

There are three simple steps to get the data you need from Jaaxy: Come up with a phrase (keywords), type that in the search bar, and hit “Find Keyword.” 

Let me show you with an example.

Let’s say the niche of your website is “beautiful skin” and today you want to write a blog post about reducing wrinkles. Your keywords are going to be “reducing wrinkles.” 

It’s a little too broad as a title of a blog but let’s not worry about that at this stage. Type that phrase in and click Find Keywords.

how to find keyword traffic

And here is the results. (click to enlarge)
Jaaxy keyword tool review 30 results

Simple one click and there you have all the 30 related phrases listed with the crucial date.

Do you see any good ones? How do you know which one is good or not?

If this is the first time you see a keyword research tool, it may look a bit overwhelming but don’t worry. I will walk you through how to make sense of it. It’s actually quite simple.

Is It Good to Go? Look for Green!

First of all, see the colors coding under the category “KQI.” It stands for Keyword Quality Index, and the three colors mean same as the traffic lights.

Green (good to go)
Yellow (caution)
Red (don’t go)

Visually you can spot good keywords and not-so-good keywords. At all cost, avoid the red ones. Especially while you are still a newbie, stick with the green ones.

Now let’s take a look at the numeric data.

We are going to focus on these two columns below: Avg (Average Monthly Traffic) and QSR (Quoted Search Results).

what is jaaxy tool


Remember you need to pay attention to only three aspects in keyword research? Those two columns correspond to the two of them.

  • How much traffic does the keyword get? = Avg
  • How much competition does the keyword have? = QSR
  • Does the keyword grammatically make sense? = You know this if you speak English

These metrics are the most important data within Jaaxy’s results. I will explain why. Take a look at the result for our intended keywords: reducing wrinkles.

reducing wrinkles (Avg 128; QSR 332) Red Light  🙁

This keyword has a decent search volume of 128 searchers a month, meaning in average 128 people are using the phrase “reducing wrinkles” to perform a online search. However, QSR 332 indicates that there are 332 pages (competitors) exist online that used the phrase as keywords within their content. Competition is too fierce for you to get a good ranking. This is not a good keyword for your article.

What about this one that showed up in the results? “how to reduce wrinkles around the eyes”

how to reduce wrinkles around eyes (Avg 110; QSR 15)  Green Light  🙂

Good search volume of 110 and wow, only 15 competitors out there? Fantastic!

This is the type of keywords that you should go after particularly when you are just starting out with a website. These easier-to-get-ranked keywords are called Low Hanging Fruit Keywords.  They have decent traffic and little competition.

Low Hanging Fruit Keywords:

Avg (Traffic) = more than 100
QSR (Competition) = less than 300 (I usually aim at less than 200)

While your new website is still developing, choose Low Hanging Fruit Keywords for your content title. 

Between the two example keywords above, I will definitely go with “how to reduce wrinkles around eyes” and write a new blog post on the topic. I will include the phrase in the title.

5 Tips on How to Reduce Wrinkles Around Eyes

How to Reduce Wrinkles Around Eyes – What Worked for Me!

Or something like this. 

Having low hanging fruit keywords in the title increases the chance of your content getting ranked on the first page in the Google search results. You would want as many pages on the first page as possible so people would take notice of your website and come visit. 

Rankings are based on complex data and having good keywords in the title is not the only factor of being a winner, but it definitely helps.  

You need a reliable keyword research tool to achieve this goal and I honestly cannot think of a better tool than Jaaxy. It has served greatly to my online success and I recommend this awesome tool to anyone who wants to get things right on their website.  

Want To Try Jaaxy For Yourself?

Seeing is believing. Try Jaaxy for yourself!

You can type in any keywords in the bar below and see what results you’ll get. Jaxxy comes with 30 free searches for a starter. Play with it and see if you like it. 


Store “Good Ones” in Your Own Lists

Jaaxy lets you save the keywords of your choice on your own list.

If I want to gather all the good ones and store them in one place, I can do so by checking the boxes next to the keywords and clicking “Save to List.” I would name the list “Wrinkles” for example.

good keyword list


The ones I selected will be saved under whatever the name I selected, in this case “Wrinkles.” I can view them all at once.

Look, their QSR are all under 100, which means less than 100 competitors out there. Isn’t it cool!

I am NOT going to use all of them in one blog, of course not. But I can compare these candidates in one place and see which one I want to use within my content. 

Looking at a list of promising keywords could be a great place to brainstorm for the next content as well.

top keyword list

You can build a list as long as you wish by adding more keywords to it. Once a new phrase is added to a list, the “L” appears to indicate that it was already stored.

You can create as many lists as you want for future content ideas. (I currently have 20 lists saved, which means I have at least 20 more articles to create).

This feature “Save to List” has been super useful for new content creation. I highly recommend to utilize this feature to maximize your keyword research at Jaaxy.

how to reduce wrinkles


Find Related Keywords

If the keyword you initially had in mind appears not to be promising, what should you do?

You can pick another one that is Low Hanging Fruit keywords from the results, but what if you don’t like that particular one or have no idea what to write about it?

One thing you can do is to click on any keywords listed. Jaaxy will perform another keyword search based on the one you just clicked. You can repeat this process over and over again until you find one that works best for you.

Or, you can simply take a look at the right-hand side of the page, under “Related.”

how to find related keywords

These are the real keyword phrases that people typed in the Google search bar, which is related to your current topic. (In this case, “reducing wrinkles”)

We all have our own way of phrasing things, right? Sometimes it is hard to realize that other people may word the same thing differently.

For instance, I would naturally think of “reducing wrinkles” but would never come up with such a phrase as “reducing fine lines,” which could actually be a very good Low Hanging Fruit keywords.

You never know what the new phrase entails. If I am curious, I would click on it to see its Avg and QSR data.

In this manner, the “Related” section in Jaaxy truly opens your eyes to another’s way of viewing things and lead you to more options.

It is a great place to brainstorm for your keywords. Just be sure to stick to the ones that grammatically make sense as we discussed earlier. Among the examples above, I wouldn’t recommend such phrases as “ways reduce wrinkles” or “natural ways reduce wrinkles” to use them as the title of your content.

Jaaxy Affiliate Program

I can almost guarantee that once you start using Jaaxy, you cannot keep going on with your online business without it.

If you truly love it, you can refer people to the Jaaxy program and earn a commission.  Yes, Jaaxy has an affiliate program.

In fact, their commission rate is quite high (about 40%) and you can turn this into a new stream of passive income.

Jaaxy Affiliate Program


How Much Does Jaaxy Cost? – Choose a Plan within Your Budget

Jaaxy Starter – FREE
It comes with 30 free keyword searches, along with other features that it has to offer. You can try Jaaxy for yourself before paying any money.

Jaaxy Pro – $19/ month (or $199 per year)
It comes with UNLIMITED SEARCHES for your keywords. It is also 2x faster than the Starter membership and offers a few tutorial videos when you sign up for Pro. If you are just starting out with one or few websites, this is more than enough to assist you with keyword searches and SEO.

Jaaxy Enterprise – $49/ month (or $499 per year)
This is the most powerful keyword tool that you can ever find. It is even 10x faster in everything than Starter and Pro. You will eventually need this version as you become an online business expert running multiple websites.

jaaxy information


I hope this Jaaxy keyword tool review has helped you understand how important keywords are and how Jaaxy can help you find the ones you need. 

As far as I know, this is the quickest, easiest and most powerful keyword search tool existing.

As I said it is an online tool so you can access it on any device as long as you are online. You may be surprised to find yourself endlessly finding new blog topics every time you randomly perform a research on Jaaxy. (That’s what happens to me all the time)

I wish you the best of luck with keyword research as it determines your online success! If you enjoyed this Jaaxy keyword tool review, please “like” and “share” so that other people can benefit from the information I shared here as well. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Yuko 🙂

how to try jaaxy free


34 Comments on "Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review – Best Keyword Tool for SEO"

  1. Dear Yuko,

    Thanks for such a great detailed description on what Jaaxy is and how to use it. 🙂 It is the best Keyword Tool I would recommend to anyone who is into Internet Marketing. 🙂 It is quite handy as it helps you choose the best Keywords for your Content to beat out the rest of the Competition within that Niche. 🙂 It gives accurate results and is simple to use. 🙂 Also, it has an Affiliate Program and Tutorials and other great Bonuses. 🙂
    What’s not to love about Jaaxy? 😀

    Wishing you all the best with your online accomplishments above and beyond the horizon,


    • Hello Angel,

      So you are a big fan of Jaaxy already huh? You are absolutely right, I was surprised to see how simple and quick to find a right keyword once I started using Jaaxy. Honestly, paying only 63 cents/day for such a great tool feels nothing to me. I even cannot buy a cup of coffee with 63 cents. Jaaxy is way better investment than coffee obviously, isn’t it? Wishing you the best of luck as well for your online success. Thank you Angel!

      Yuko 🙂

  2. Hi Yuko,
    A very nice review of Jaaxy, you covered everything that I want to know about it by giving some keyword research sample and results. I have tried the free trial but by the sound of it, it is worth spending money on for finding great keywords quicker.

    Thanks for the valuable review.

    • Hi Maria,

      Thank you for stopping by! If you already have the free account with Jaaxy I highly recommend you to go Pro. It does make your content creations so much easier with right keywords. Let me know if you have any questions as to how to make the best out of Jaaxy. Take care!


  3. I love it! Big and bold “Online Business for Beginners” Start out with no money and no experience. This is perfect. I know what your site is about and I know what I will be getting. Thank you for the “Start Here” because I wasn’t sure where to look and how to begin. Thank you for the easy walk through. This is helpful for people like me who like a step by step. It can easily be followed.

    • Hi Rawl,

      Thank you for the sweet comment. 🙂 I am glad that you found it helpful. I like a step by step instruction as well when I learn something new and am trying to make each post as comprehensive as possible for beginners. Online business is not difficult to start. All you need is a niche, website, and perseverance (most important)! Nowadays making your own website is a breeze and you can even build it free. Just pick a niche. Something that you are interested or passionate about. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Good luck Rawl and take care!


  4. Hi Yuko,

    Thanks for this excellent article on the Jaaxy keyword search tool. You have explained it clearly and I like the supporitng pictures that show me what you mean,

    Adding the he tool window so I could try it out was also helpful to me. I could see clearly how it worls in practice. Nice touch!

    Personally I use another keyword search tool that has a large number of bells and whistles. With it I can drill down from a number of different angles to get a very clear picture of competition and the value of a particular keyword.

    Your assessment that it really comes down to the three main factors is correct. My fancy tool does these things, but on a regular basis I use the extras maybe 10% of the time…

    I suggest that you try other programs out there to compare if you have an opportnity. Likely this will reinforce to you what you state here, that the Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool is one of the best on the market.

    The pricing for the program is also competitive with what is out there from my experience. My fancy tool was a little less, because I buy an annual membership, but not much difference…

    Great article, you have a real talent for presenting information in a clear and consise manner that even a dude like me can comprehend. This Jaaxy Keyword Tool article is a fine example of your skills.Congratulations and wishing you much success!

    • Hello Dave, and thank you for your kind words!

      I spent extra hours on this particular article as I really wanted my readers to understand what Jaaxy has to offer. I know this tool will help so many people out there who struggle with picking right keywords for their content. I am glad to know that you found the presentation comprehensive!

      I personally felt the cost of Jaaxy extremely cheap, as it is only 63 cents/day and I literally use it every single day. But I understand there are people who cannot afford $19/month as they start out online. I shall take your advice and look into other keyword tools so that I can offer my readers more helpful information. Do you happen to know any tools out there that provide free trials, let’s say, as long as a month for example? Does the tool you use offer any free trial period?

      Thank you Dave for stopping by and sharing with us your viewpoint of a keyword tool! Much appreciated!


  5. Hey, great jaxxy keyword tool review! I’ve heard of Jaaxy but I’ve always wondered what is Jaaxy? This has been super informative. 1 question I have is does the keyword have to match exactly as it is on Jaaxy or can it have a word or 2 within it?


    • Hi Kyle,

      The keyword does not have to match exactly as it appears on Jaaxy. With the example of “how to reduce wrinkles around eyes” Goole will also pick “wrinkles” “reduce wrinkles” “how to reduce wrinkles” or “reduce wrinkles around eyes” as keywords out of the one phrase. So the longer the keyword is (it’s called long-tail keywords) the more chances you get ranked for different phrases. Good luck with your keyword research!


  6. Wow, I didn’t know that there exists so powerful and affordable tool for keyword research.

    You explained it very well and left me speechless. I would like to build two websites. Will Jaaxy pro be enough for me as a starter?

    How many time does it take to find a good keyword?



    • Hi Dean,

      Thanks for your kind comment. I am glad you found the article helpful for you. 🙂 I know many friends who run multiple websites with Jaaxy Pro so I know it’s fully capable with two websites. If you are ever going to run more than 5 sites in the future, however, Jaaxy Enterprise might be a choice for you. I hear that it drastically speeds up your keyword research.

      Finding a good keyword depends on the topic. Sometimes I come across with great ones only after one search. Other times, I would keep attempting several searches until I find one that I am really happy with.

      What I really like about Jaaxy is that on every search, the result gives a list of so many other related terms. It makes my journey to an ideal keyword extremely easy and stress-free, as I don’t have to come up with new phrases all by myself.

      If you have any other questions, feel free to ask again. Thanks again for commenting and good luck with your keyword research!


  7. Really nice. You really know your stuff. I checked your pages and they are looking good. I was searching what is the best keyword search tool is and came across your site. I will be coming back, to see your latest posts. Keep up the good work! and remember that the content is the best you can make for people to find your website just like I did.

    • Hi dannyboy,

      Thank you! I am glad that you liked my content. Come visit again and if you have any questions or comments, please share your thoughts. I know my readers as well as I would benefit from it. Best of luck with your online journey!


  8. I really learned through this post that Jaaxy is a good keyword search tool for google. You really know your stuff. I have a question: Does Jaaxy have a google website ranking checker? I will be coming back to check out your other latest articles. Keep writing!

    • Welcome back dannyboy and thank you for commenting again 🙂


      Yes, Jaaxy has the feature where you can check google ranking of your website. I am going to add that part to this review soon. Thank you for the feedback!


  9. Great article about Jaaxy. I’ve been using it since 2013 and all I can say it’s a great tool at a very affordable price and it gives you a lot of info. Though there are many other good keyword tools out there, I like Jaaxy for its simplicity and good support. BTW, have you used any other keyword tools and if yes how you can compare them? Is Jaaxy the only keyword you are using now?

    • Hi rufat,

      Welcome back 🙂 Nice to hear such good feedback about Jaaxy from a long-time user. I have used Google Keyword Planner and the keyword tool within WA, and I like Jaaxy the best in terms of its simplicity, speed and efficiency in displaying the results. Do you have any other keyword tools that you liked and will recommend? I would love to try them for myself.


  10. I think Jaaxy is just fun to use. Just by playing around with it trying several words we can get more long tail, low competition keywords than we could possibly use. It’s comforting that we can not run out of keywords to make pages for. I especially like the speed and ease of finding keywords.

    The free info that Jaaxy provides is very helpful. That, along with the wealthy affiliate training makes it a must have.

    To top off the benefits of Jaaxy is the site rank feature telling us where our keyword phrase ranks on Google.

    Do you use any keyword tools other than Jaaxy?

    • Hi Chuck,

      I like the site rank feature very much too. It helps us to see what terms we are ranked higher and what not. I have tried a few other tools out of curiosity but none was as simple and effective to use as Jaaxy. As you pointed out, I come up with lots of ideas for articles just by playing with it. My posts are climbing up the ranking in Google thanks to the keywords I found through Jaaxy. With Jaaxy, you don’t have to be an SEO expert from the beginning to write a post that ranks 🙂 Wish you a great online success!


  11. Hello Yuko,

    What a fantastic review on Jaaxy. Very detailed. You covered everything so well. It is a simple and fun tool to use. Your charts are spot on and show how effective it is. I had never seen Long tail pro but thanks to your site will be staying away from them. Great comparison.

    Thanks again

    • Hi Bob,

      Glad you found the article helpful. If you are already using Jaaxy, I don’t think you would need any other keyword tools, let alone LongTail Pro. As a blogger who tries to write posts that rank in Google and helpful for readers at the same time, Jaaxy has served me way better than I had anticipated. I am sure it will help you with your online endeavor as well. Best of luck to you Bob and report back. I would love to hear your success story!


  12. Hello Yuko and thank you for this thorough and very informative article about keywords. The truth is that it is not that easy for a beginner to understand keywords, but with your explanation and guidance, now it is easy. Jaaxy seems to be a great tool and thank you for introducing it to us. Keep up!

    • Hi Effie,

      I’m glad this article helped you understand what keywords are and why is keyword research important. Jaaxy has greatly contributed in higher rankings of my posts. The Site Rank function also helps you to see what articles are getting ranked and what are not, so you can tweak those with poor performance for better rankings. Overall, I can get all the information I need from this one tool. If you are serious about online success, I recommend you to test out Jaaxy.


  13. Hi Yuko, you are a lucky person for having such a tool. I have tried it, those 30 free searches which you mentioned in the text, so yes I share your view about Jaaxy.

    However, this is an expensive tool for me and cannot afford it. On the other hand, I know that here are some other tools that look far less expensive, like LongTailPro. How would you compare the two tools? Thank you.

    • Hi Jovo,

      For the features and quality that it provides, I don’t think Jaaxy is not so expensive. Yes, LongTailPro offers a 10-day free trial but I believe after that, the monthly cost is $37? Correct me if I am wrong. Also, it is not an online tool. It’s a software that you have to download to a device, meaning you cannot access to LongTailPro from all the devices you have.

      If one could afford $37/month for Platinum version and is already accustomed to keywords researches, LongTailPro could be a useful tool. But for newbies, it could be an information overload. For the phrase (seed keyword) you type in, the software generates related keywords from the Google Keyword Planner. Unless your seed keyword was already unique, this means everyone else who is using LongTailPro gets the same set of keywords, doesn’t it? Again, to make the best out of this tool you need to have an experience with keyword research. I cannot recommend it to beginners.

      Sorry Jovo, but if you are serious about getting your blog ranked in the search engines, investing in a keyword tool is inevitable. Hope your situation soon allows you to have a tool you can rely on.


  14. Hey Yuko:
    Your article on Jaxxy Keyword Tool is just what I need to begin monetizing my web site. It is just the kind of information I am looking for. I wounder how many people don’t understand Keyword usage to improve traffic and reduce competition?
    You have provided such a detailed overview and so complete that I am going to use it starting today. I didn’t know about the Affiliate program or other details you have explained, this is great. Your research and presentation will be invaluable to me.
    Thank You. Bill 🙂

    • Hi Bill,

      Thank you for the kind words. I am glad this article helped you understand why keyword research is important for our online success. I was one of those who didn’t understand it in the beginning and wasted my time writing several articles without any keyword research. After I revised those old articles with proper keyword usages using Jaaxy, the rankings improved drastically. So I can speak from the experience that properly using keywords within a text is vital for increasing organic traffic to your site. Now I write all the articles using Jaaxy.

      If you have any further questions about Jaaxy or keyword usage in general, let me know. Best of luck to your online success!


  15. Keywords are extremely important for online businesses – especially small niche websites. In order to compete, you have to be targeting high traffic keywords with low competition. How good is Jaaxy at achieving finding those types of keywords? I’ve only ever used the keyword tool within the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

    • Hi Matthew,

      Jaaxy is extremely efficient to locate the type of keywords you mentioned – high traffic with low competition. I’ve been using only Jaaxy to target right keywords to run my three websites and successfully generating traffic. The keyword tool within Wealthy Affiliate is good enough, but I especially like the color coding that Jaaxy provides to spot good ones. It does help a lot when I need to quickly write up a Social Media posts or ads.


  16. Hi Yuko
    Being in the online marketing for a while I am always on a look out for great tools. Your post and Jaaxy review is excellent! I like the detailed description of the product and its tremendous benefits. When it comes down to keywords the most important element for us to know is a competition. It sounds that with Jaaxy this score is pretty accurate. It is worth to look into it.

    • Hi Vitaliy,

      Thank you for the comment! I’ve been using Jaaxy for two years now and am totally satisfied with its effectiveness and affordability for the excellent job that it does. I cannot write a blog, upload a video on YouTube or any online marketing overall without it!


  17. Hi Yuko,
    Many thanks for your detailed review on keyword tools Jaaxy.com, which is very clean and easily understandable. Despite I have a question to you as a beginner for my clear understandings- is it perfect tools for keyword research of Amazon niche sites? Or do you advise another tool? please advise


    • Hi Mansur,

      Yes, you can use Jaaxy for Amazon niche sites. In fact, that’s what I am doing as I explained in the tutorial Online Income 101. I do keywords research on Jaaxy for all the posts I write for my Amazon niche sites. Good luck with your site!


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